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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Program Description:

London tower

What You Need to Know

Create your own program by choosing from an array of courses, including English and Textual Studies, Sociology, and Psychology. Visit London's museums, and attend the theater and concerts and enjoy the life of a Londoner for the summer. As part of your program experience, you’ll go on a weekend-long trip to another part of the UK, led by the Syracuse London staff.

Eligibility and Requirements

Undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing at any accredited college or university are eligible to apply to this program.  Please note however that not all courses are offered at the graduate level.

Travel and Living

Students will arrange and pay for their own round-trip transportation to London. Advantage Travel will arrange a group flight for students on this program; we encourage students to travel on this group flight, which includes ground transportation upon arrival.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not purchase your airline ticket before receiving written notification from us that you can book your flight. You will have to present this notification if we cancel the program at a later date, and you want to be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket.

Students are housed in shared rooms in furnished flats arranged by Syracuse University for the duration of the program. Internet is available. Pre-arranged housing is required for participation in this program. You can read more on London Housing here!

*Travel and living arrangements are subject to change. Syracuse Abroad will provide detailed information prior to the program start date.

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Students may register for a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 6 credits – either 1 class or 2.

It is the student's responsibility to confirm with their home school/college that the course(s) taken as part of this program will satisfy their degree requirements.
*Please note that Syracuse University reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment. Students should consider back up classes for their summer abroad.

Students can ADD a course during their first days in London, but are not allowed to DROP a class in London. Any decision to DROP a course must be made prior to departure from the US.

DRA/ETS 400 Inside the London Theater
(3 credits) undergraduate
Experience the range and breadth of London theater, from well-known titles to lesser known discoveries, from the tried and true to the comparatively untested, from musical theater to Shakespeare. You’ll learn how to see theater and to read and write about it.

WRT 205 Global Citizens/Global Cities – Critical Research
(3 credits) undergraduate
Examine what is means to be a global citizen, to live or visit a global city, using London as your object of study you will research how the city markets its identity to tourists, businesses, sports enthusiasts and students, and develop both print and multimodal arguments.

PSY 300 Health Psychology: Mind, Body, Culture
(3 credits) undergraduate
Learn how culture influences human behavior and the conceptualization of psychopathology, and explore how your own culture may influence your views of health.

FIL 300/QSX/WGS 400 British Masculinity on Screen: James Bond & Sherlock Holmes
(3 credits) undergraduate
Investigate what on-screen adaptations of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond have to say about the construction of British masculinity.

PSC/HST/MES 368 or REL 300 Islam and the West
(3 credits) undergraduate
Islam has for centuries been Europe’s neighbor and cultural contestant with a history of conflict and co-existence. Since September 11 there has been increasing talk of a “clash of civilizations,” but globalization has also created an interdependency of faiths which requires greater cooperation, understanding, and dialogue. The course will focus comparatively on the relations between religion and state in Islam and Christianity, and consider whether it is possible to separate the world into monolithic entities called “Islam” and the “West.” With the growing presence of Muslims in large numbers in Europe and the U.S., we will examine the meaning, challenges, and possibilities of not two separate entities but one—“Islam IN the West.”


SOC 367 Sociology of Sport
(3 credits) undergraduate
This course introduces students to foundational sociological theories, key research foci, and contemporary issues in the sociological study of sport. The course broadly intends to question the important and often complex place sport holds in society today, challenging the notion that sport is a trivial or apolitical enterprise while revealing the ways in which sports “matter” in contemporary culture; using examples such as the Olympics in Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018.


BUA 300 The Business of Tourism
(3 credits) undergraduate
In this course, you will analyze a business sector that is all around as you study abroad in London – the Business of Tourism. We’ll touch on the history of tourism to ask, “What do tourists want?” – a necessary precursor to looking at the many ways these needs are satisfied, from the weather and location of a beach holiday through to the history and museums of famous cities and the imagined locations created by such works of fiction as Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter. Then we examine business models of some key new challengers in the sector (Ryanair and AirBnB, for example) and encourage reflection on “tourists as a product” before turning to the future challenges posed by environmental sustainability and international unrest and terrorism.


Fashion, Clothing & Body Adornment
(3 credits) undergraduate
What we wear are choices made amid a myriad of factors – including class, race, gender, sexuality, wealth, education, and religion. This course challenges you to question assumptions about people based on an examination of clothing choices and bodily practices. It also addresses the political implications of bodily coverings and what these express – domination/rebellion, fashion/anti-fashion, group belonging/group exclusion. Using examples from multicultural Britain and comparative material, you will examine how culture impacts dress and bodily practice. You will also consider the wider implications of clothing production, consumption, disposal and reuse as part of industrialized society.


PRL530 International Social Media and Public Relations Management
(3 credits) undergraduate or graduate
London is the epicenter for where digital worlds collide. Join us to learn the best practices in international social media and public relations management. Visit top agencies and experience a few cultural and historical locations in London such as Kensington Palace, Tower of London, the London Eye, Hyde Park, British Museum, and an afternoon of high tea.


ADV 523 International Advertising
(3 credits) undergraduate or graduate
This course looks at comparative case studies from the UK, the US, Continental Europe and many other global markets, including Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and the Middle East.  A key goal of this course is to explore what is meant by “global advertising” for companies managing global brands.  We will look at different strategic approaches from different companies, specifically the idea of a global strategy (i.e., “Think Global”), with a need to respect and resonate with different local cultures (i.e., “Act Local”). 


NSD/FST 400/600 Sustainable Diets: from Policy to Plate
(3 credits) undergraduate or graduate
Explore food systems in the United Kingdom from farm to fork and examine critical philosophical, political, health and sustainability issues pertinent to the practice of locavorism. 


Online Registration

You will register online for your London Center courses in early March. Instructions will be emailed to you about one week before online registration starts. Be sure to regularly check your email.


Review and Give To Your Parent/Guardian:
Students who register for any of the courses listing a course fee, will be charged a fee to cover special activities, such as study tours or site visits, which are an integral part of the course. Study tour fees reflect the cost of transportation, accommodations, and some group meals. This is not a bill. Fees are billed from Syracuse following online registration, appearing on a Bursar statement mailed to the student's billing address. These fees are not included in either the tuition or program fee charges, which are billed prior to departure. Any new course-related fees or fee increases approved after this date will be announced prior to registration. All students who register for a course with a course-related fee are required to pay the fee. 
Financial Deadline to Withdraw from the Program:
Please refer to the SU Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin for information on refund of course-related fees for students who withdraw from the program voluntarily, involuntarily, or due to suspension or expulsion.

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The faculty selected to teach in the Syracuse London program are carefully chosen for their scholarship and professional accomplishments as well as for their reputations for excellence in teaching.  More information regarding our London faculty can be found here


 Arrive in London:   May 16, 2019
 Housing begins:   May 16, 2019
 Orientation (required):   May 16, 2019
 Program ends:  June 14, 2019
 Housing ends:   June 14, 2019 (a.m.) 
 Depart London:    June 14, 2019
 Application deadline:   February 10*
* Applications received after February 10 will be considered if there is still space in the program.


 Tuition:  $3,744 (2018 rate) 
 Program Fee:   $2,400 ( estimated rate) 
 Total:  $6,144 ( estimated rate)
 Tuition:  $7,488 (2018 rate)
 Program Fee:  $2,400 ( estimated rate)
 Total:  $9,888 ( estimated rate)
 Tuition:  $4,677 (2018 rate)
 Program Fee:  $2,400 (estimated rate)
 Total:  $7,077 (estimated rate)
 Tuition:  $9,354 (2018 rate)
 Program Fee:  $2,400 (estimated rate)
 Total:  $11,754 (estimated rate)
Please note: All costs are estimated and subject to change.

Many courses include course fees which are billed to students following the end of the formal summer registration period.

Additional Financial Information: 
We estimate that students should budget accordingly for the following expenses:

Air travel: $850-$1,200
Books & Supplies: $100
Personal: $800
Meals: $1,000

*Please note that there may be additional fees associated with this program if a visa is required.

These figures are for expenses not covered in the tuition or program fee and are paid out-of-pocket.


For questions on the application, please contact:
Kelsey Hanbach, Admissions Counselor for Summer Programs (

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Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2019 02/10/2019 ** Rolling Admission 05/16/2019 06/14/2019
NOTE: Dates are tentative and subject to change.

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.